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What sort of websites do you build?

...we build websites for anyone. Our sites are html based websites for enhanced quality and effect. If you are a business or an individual with a need for a site we can build it for you.


Can I trust you?

...we have built our reputation on being reliable, trustworthy and personable. You will find working with us we work together more as friends then us being all formal with you. Celebrityy clients will not get a website with anyone so the fact several have used us tells it's own story.


Are you prices competitive?

...they are more then just competitive. They are probably the cheapest around. Do not mistake cheapness with less quality though. Not the case with us. As we have less overheads we can pass on these savings directly to you. If you check our portfolio you will see our work is off the highest quality. We pride ourselves that a simiiliar website with other companies will cost you 4 times more in some cases...so you can see where the best option is!.


Can I update my website?

We hold all websites as they are built in flash you would need expert knowledge or you could end up causing more harm then good. We charge a more then reasonable rate  of £15 per hour for updates to your site. You simply email us what you need or call us and it will be done. You will then be billed on a monthly basis for the work we have carried out during this period.


How do i book you?

Firslty check out the services and free advice section of this website beforehand. It will give you a rough idea of what sort of site you want. It will also make you feel a lot more at ease. A website can be a daunting thing for some. Check out the 5 step process on the services page on how to get a website and you are on the road to getting a site up and running.


How can I pay?

We believe in trust. On some occasions we ask for deposits and on others full payment is required only after the job is complete. You can pay us by cheque, cash, or you can pay with your credit or debit card using the www.paypal.co.uk.website. You do not need a paypal account for this. But it means you can pay using your cards online. Again this can be discussed during the design process.


Do you build e-commerce sites?

We will build an-ecommerce site on the following criteria.

1. that you have a paypal account and are familiar on how to use it.

2. that your e-commercie site is that off a small business size.


at present we are trying to expand to encorporate large e-commerce sites but for the time being we will only work on small business where products are under 100 items or so.